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Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go

Naomi Dathan

256 pages
Lexham Press
Jem Perkins is used to her comfortable city life--she has a fine house, a handsome husband, and a new baby boy. But when her family's financial situation takes a turn for the worst, she must learn to adapt to her new life--in a sod house on a Nebraska homestead.

Jem reluctantly adapts to the harsh realities of prairie life: churning butter, fighting illness, enduring loneliness. In Jem's desperate prayers for deliverance, she eventually encounters the God she's always thought she'd known and finds strength she didn't know she had.

But when the history-making Children's Blizzard of 1888 sweeps across the land, ushering in a new season of hardship so harsh no one could have imagined, Jem will have to endure more than she ever has before. Can Jem's confidence, marriage, and new-found faith weather the storm?
Author Bio
Naomi Dathan lives with her family and two cats in Northeast Ohio, where she spends her time developing databases, writing, and painting. Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go is her third novel.