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All On One Plate

Cultural Expectations on American Mothers

Solveig Brown

256 pages
Paragon House

A must-read book about American Mothers!

In All On One Plate, anthropologist Solveig Brown talks to mothers who candidly acknowledge their vulnerabilities as a parent and graciously share the things they do that have made parenting, relationships, work, and life a little easier. Drawing on interviews, surveys, cultural analysis, and the latest academic research, Brown’s thoughtful exploration of the gamut of parenting experiences provides readers with a tremendous resource for figuring out their own solutions to issues that every parent deals with.

All On One Plate describes the diverse ways women strive to be a good mom as they balance working and parenting; negotiate the division of labor; give their children freedom while keeping them safe; manage screen time; curb entitlement; oversee their child’s nutrition and exercise while helping them maintain a positive body image; promote achievement; and raise good kids. With our high expectations for mothers, it is no wonder that most women in Brown’s study routinely felt pressure and guilt, and many sacrificed their sleep, exercise, or leisure time to manage everything on their plate. All On One Plate will prompt many conversations, and is relevant for all parents who have children at home.

Author Bio
Solveig Brown, Ph.D. is an anthropologist who has done extensive research on American mothers. She has contributed to Stay at Home Mothers: An International Perspective; Intensive Mothering: The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Motherhood; and After the Happily Ever After: Empowering Women and Mothers in Relationships. Brown has presented her research to academic audiences and parent groups. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her family.