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Greater Reset

Reclaiming Human Sovereignty Under Natural Law

392 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

From a hidden spark in the early days of 2020,the Covid-19 pandemic soon roared across every nation, decimating lives, economies, and social norms. Rather than uniting people to defeat a common enemy, the pandemic has widened economic, political, and social divisions everywhere. It has pitted faith against reason and inflamed the global scourges of poverty, racism, war, and environmental destruction.

The pandemic has also surfaced proposals to remake the global economy and society. Most notable—and notorious—are a set of recommendations from the 2020 World Economic Forum calling for “the Great Reset.” Blending welfare state socialism and monopoly capitalism, this would systematically eliminate a fundamental bulwark of personal independence and freedom—the universal right to, and rights of, private property.

Is the Great Reset the scheme of a vast global elite to control the lives of ordinary people or a well-intentioned but dangerously misguided approach to correct systemic ills? Regardless, there is a question we all must ask: How will the dignity, freedom, and power of each human person be protected and promoted when universal human rights and their Transcendent Source have been rendered irrelevant?

In The Greater Reset, Greaney and Brohawn trace the historical, religious, political, and economic roots of humanity's perilous condition and how returning to God-given, universal principles of natural law, with equal access to the institutions of the common good, can help build a more just, liberating, prosperous, and hopeful future for every person.

Author Bio
Michael D. Greaney, CPA, MBA is a board member and Director of Research for the interfaith Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ) in Arlington, Virginia. He has published articles, books, and a daily blog on many subjects, including Catholic social teaching, banking and monetary history, and economic personalism. Greaney has appeared on EWTN Live with Father Mitch Pacwa and Doug Keck’s Bookmark. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.Dawn K. Brohawn is a cofounder, board member, and Director of Communications of CESJ. She has edited books, written articles, and organized forums on the natural law based “Just Third Way,” economic democratization, and Justice-Based ManagementSM. Brohawn serves as project director and a senior instructor for CESJ’s global, online Justice University®. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.