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Chats With Converts

A Complete Explanation and Proof of Catholic Belief

Rev. Fr. M. D. Forrest

207 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
Thirty chapters on all aspects of the Faith converts ask about. Packed with logic and evidence supporting the truth of the Catholic Religion and showing the errors of Protestantism. Covers the Bible; the Pope; Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; Confession; Purgatory; the Blessed Virgin and much more. Went through 30 printings; starting in 1943. Originally published by Frs. Rumble and Carty of Radio Replies fame and still vital today. Destined to do great good.
Author Bio
The Rev. Father M. D. Forrest, M.S.C., was a twentieth-century priest and author from Victoria, Australia. His Chats with Converts: Complete Explanation and Proof of Catholic Belief is styled as various talks with a prospective convert, explaining and proving the main teachings of Christianity. Father Forrest's work was originally published in 1943 by Radio Replies Press, Inc. with a preface by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. It was also printed by TAN in 1978.