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A Manual of Hadith

213 pages
Library of Alexandria
IT is now about forty-five years since, having finished my studies in Arts and Law, I was enlisted, at about the age of 25, as a soldier for the literary service of Islâm, by the great Muslim reformer of this age, Hadzrat Mirzâ Ghulâm Ahmad of Qâdiân, the Founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement. Thank God that during this period He has granted me to contribute to Islamic religious literature more than six thousand pages in English and ten thousand pages in Urdu, in spite of other multifarious duties, first as Secretary of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyyah at Qâdiân, and then as President of the Ahmadiyyah Anjuman Ishâ'at Islâm, Lahore. I am thankful to God again that He has vouchsafed me at this advanced age to do yet another service to the literary cause of Islâm.