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A Colony of Girls

Kate Livingston Willard

173 pages
Library of Alexandria
THE LAWRENCES AND OTHERS. "I cannot understand why the children do not return from the beach. They have been gone so long." "None too long," sighed Nathalie Lawrence, swinging lazily to and fro in a hammock which was hung across one end of the veranda. "What a heaven it is without them. I declare, Helen," she continued, addressing her sister in aggrieved tone, "we do get a lot of those children, somehow or other. For my part, I cannot see why you let them stay about with us all the time, when they are a thousand times better off with Mary," and she gave a vindictive tug at a rope fastened to the railing, which sent the hammock back and forth with the utmost rapidity. "Take care, Nat; you will be out next, and there will be a hubbub worse than the children would think of making in their wildest moments." The young girl who thus spoke laughed a low, musical laugh, and looked up from her book with a pair of wide-open blue eyes