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From Aid to Trade

How Aid Organizations, Businesses, and Governments Can Work Together: Lessons Learned from Haiti

Daniel Jean-Louis Jacqueline Klamer

248 pages
Fresh Strategy Press
Why do poor countries remain poor? Why, after receiving billions of dollars, do poor countries remain poor? Why are failing foreign aid models utilized over and over again? After the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, authors Daniel Jean-Louis and Jacqueline Klamer observed first-hand the negative consequences of donations provided with the sincerest of good intentions—donations that ultimately undermined local industries and wiped out jobs. Based on primary research and in-depth case studies, and personal experience, From Aid to Trade offers practical, achievable solutions to help Haiti—and other developing countries—grow more viable economies by: • building on innovative businesses and existing market-based systems • equipping NGOs and governments to work with local businesses • recognizing that growing out of poverty requires entrepreneurial solutions that drive self-sustainable economic growth Ambitious and optimistic, From Aid to Trade confronts the inadequacies of current foreign aid strategies and offers a clear means of economic and personal growth for individuals seeking a positive future for Haiti and other developing countries.
Author Bio
Daniel Jean-Louis, entrepreneur and investor, is the founder of Bridge Capital S.A. investment firm and owner of Trinity Lodge in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He teaches at Université Quisqueya and speaks and trains internationally on entrepreneurship and development.Jacqueline Klamer has worked in business development for nearly a decade with experience throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and is author of articles highlighting Haiti and its opportunities for business solutions.