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Spiritual Love

How to Build Deep Friendships and Marraiges Under God

187 pages
New Paradigm Publishing
Your spiritual health depends on your ability to build spiritual friendships. Jesus’ new commandment is that we love one another as he loved us. In Spiritual Love, the authors show you how you can use biblical principles to form successful, deep friendships.

And no relationship is more important than marriage. In the second section of the book the authors consider marriage readiness. If you can check off these nine readiness markers, and your partner can do the same, your marriage is virtually guaranteed to succeed!

This guide to friendships and marriage readiness has a long proven record of success under the previous title, Spiritual Relationships that Last. Now completely rewritten and updated, it’s better than ever.

Watch out for the lies so many believe about marriage:
•Romantic feelings are the best test for choosing a mate.
•Living together is a good compatibility check.
•As long as you’re both Christians, you should be fine.
Author Bio
Dennis McCallum is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary and a lead pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio. He leads and the college/high school ministry based at The Ohio State University. He is the author of several books including Discovering God: Exploring the Possibilities of Faith, Walking in Victory, Organic Discipleship, and Satan and His Kingdom. Gary DeLashmutt is a co-lead pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship, and regularly teaches at Central Teachings. A graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary, he also teaches Leadership classes and a Homiletics workshop. He is the author of Loving God s Way, and Colossians: Christ Over All; Christ is You.