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Get Well & Stay Well

Optimal Health Through Transformational Medicine

Sandi Amoils Steve Amoils

Integrative Medicine Foundation
Get Well & Stay Well is a guide to improving health and well-being through a proven approach called transformational medicine. The evidence-based medical advice in Get Well & Stay Well helps you understand how you get sick, how you can get better, and how you can take charge of your health. Written by two leading physicians, Get Well & Stay Well helps you discover the basic principles of integrative medicine and apply them in ways that can lead to transformational change in your life and health. It includes exercise, mind-body techniques, and ways to combine conventional medicine with integrative therapies to reduce pain, overcome stress, and normalize weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. You'll learn how to get well, live well, and stay well.
Author Bio
Steve Amoils, MD and Sandi Amoils, MD are the co-medical directors of the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine (AIIM) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Trained in South Africa, London, and then in the United States, Steve and Sandi are board-certified family physicians. In 1999, they partnered with a large hospital group to establish AIIM, offering integrative therapies that reduce illness and promote well-being. In 2004, The Alliance Institute was chosen as one of the leading clinical centers of Integrative Medicine in the US by the Bravewell Foundation.