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The Well-Fed Self-Publisher

How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living


352 pages
Fanove Publishing
Want to get published? Do it yourself—and make a living from it!\n\nHere's the critically acclaimed multiple-award-winning blueprint that built a full-time income from one book—newly updated and expanded!\n\nWhether Newbie or Experienced… New to publishing? TWFSP takes you step-by-step through every stage of your publishing success story. Seasoned pro? You’ll walk away with fresh tools and insights that’ll boost the profitability of your new and existing titles. Far from theoretical TWFSP is One Big Case Study: the author's own real-world success chronicle!\n\nLanding a publisher has never been harder. Even when you do count on anemic royalties 24 months to publication giving up the rights to your book and still doing most of the marketing yourself! Meanwhile self-publishing has become easier more viable and more potentially lucrative than ever before.\n\nFollow the author's firsthand experience as you learn how to: