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A Guide to Growing Up

Honest conversations about puberty, sex and God

Sarah Smith Alex Webb-Peploe

176 pages
SPCK Group

A Guide to Growing Up is an engaging, clear, and helpful guide for young people that shines God's light into the topics of puberty, bodies and sex.
It is profoundly positive; about sex, about self, about faith, about relationships, love, boundaries, pleasure, choices - about all the sorts of things that could possibly matter when it comes to growing up. Full of distinctive illustrations that grab the attention, conversations with young people and detailed chapters on hot topics, such as masturbation and same-sex attraction; A Guide to Growing Up is an invaluable tool to support parents in talking to their children, and an essential guide in any young person's journey - a guide they can go back to time and again.

Author Bio

Sarah Smith is the CEO of acet UK, a Christian charity delivering relationships and sex education in secondary schools and providing training to youth workers, teachers and parents. She lives in London, and is awell known speaker throughout the United Kingdon. She is the author ofA Guide to Growing Up: Honest Conversations About Puberty, Sex and God.