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An Onerous Duty

Treachery, secrets and unexpected romance

336 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

London, 1802. Major Harry Sterling has left behind his regiment following the death of his father and, in quick succession, his older brother. The responsibilities that come with being Duke of Ranliegh now fall to him, including marrying and siring an heir without delay.

However, Harry finds himself distracted from looking for a wife when his soldier instincts lead him to a web of treachery and the possibility that his brother's death was no accident. As his investigation unfolds, so Harry's search for a wife continues ... surely the eldest Winslow girl, the wilful Isabella, wouldn't be right at all .

Author Bio
Beryl Matthews was born in London but now lives in a small village in Hampshire. As a young girl her ambition was to become a professional singer, but the need to earn a wage drove her into an office. After retiring she joined a Writers' Circle in hopes of fulfilling her dream of becoming a published author. She has since written over twenty novels.