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Sarah's Gift

Anna Jacobs

Allison & Busby Ltd

Sarah Blakemere has been married and widowed three times and seen great success in her business life. Now at the age of ninety-five, she signs her final will and testament pleased with how it will throw the cat among the family pigeons. She has left her luxurious home in a waterside development in Mandurah, Western Australia, to two female relatives in the UK, on the condition that they live in the house together for a year. After that period they can sell it and split the money between them, but if either of them doesn't last the full year, the next person on the list will be invited to try for the inheritance, but will still have to last a full year before the house can be sold.
Will the experience do as Sarah had hoped and shake them out of their ruts? And when they find another surprise bequest from Sarah, what will they do with it?

Author Bio
Anna Jacobs was born in Lancashire at the beginning of the Second World War. She has lived in different parts of England as well as Australia and has enjoyed setting her modern and historical novels in both countries. She is addicted to telling stories and recently celebrated the publication of her one hundredth novel, as well as sixty years of marriage. Anna has sold over four million copies of her books to date.