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The Evil Within

S M Hardy

352 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

On the brink of a breakdown, Jim Hawkes quits his high-powered job and rents a cottage in the Devon
countryside, seeking some much-needed rest. But Slyford St James is far from the peaceful haven
Jim was hoping for.

Almost immediately he is plagued by strange occurrences – a combination lock that won’t open, loud noises in the attic, the figure of a little girl always just out of sight – and he soon discovers the house he’s staying in was the site of a terrible tragedy.

But as Jim is haunted by the ghosts of the past, he also finds himself endangered by a real-world threat in the present. It soon becomes apparent that true evil lurks within.

Author Bio
S. M. Hardy grew up in south London and worked in banking for many years before turning her attention to arboricultural management. She has now given up the day job to allegedly spend more time with her husband; he, however, has noticed that an awful lot more writing appears to be going on. She currently lives in Devon. The Evil Within is her first paranormal mystery novel.