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Microbes of Power

Alexander Wilson

388 pages
Allison & Busby Ltd

BOOK 6 in the Wallace of the Secret Service series
When two ex-ministers of Greece are given an effusive welcome in Cyprus following their failed attempt to overthrow the Greek government, Sir Leonard Wallace suspects something other than intense sympathy is afoot. He dispatches Captain Hugh Shannon to investigate, leading to a full-blooded, stirring yarn which grips the interest and carries the reader through a host of adventures to a breathless and highly exciting climax.

Author Bio

Alexander Wilson was a writer, spy and secret service officer. He served in the First World War before moving to India to teach as a Professor of English Literature, and began writing spy novels whilst there. During WW2, Wallace worked as an intelligence agent. He enjoyed great success and notoriety for his writing in the 1940s, with reviews in the Telegraph, Observer, Scotsman and the Times Literary Supplement. He died in 1963.