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10-minute Bible Stories

Anne Adeney

128 pages
SPCK Group

Perfect for ten-minute reading times for independent readers and shared reading, these ten Bible stories are retold from the perspective of characters witnessing the events of a Bible story.

These engaging narratives include a servant girl's viewpoint of seeing Daniel in the lion's den, a 10-year old brick-maker retelling his sister about Nebuchadnezzar's gold statue and the bravery of the men in the fiery furnace, and a young lad telling his bemused friends about the talking donkey of his master, Balaam.

Stories featured come from both the Old and the New Testaments. Experience the exodus with Moses and the healing miracles of Jesus through the wonder, excitement, and emotions of a young person, just like you. What would you have noticed and felt if you had witnessed these events?

Author Bio
Anna has had nearly fifty children’s books published (as Anne Adeney), as well as poetry and fiction in anthologies, and more than a hundred educational activities published in USA. Her first book was short-listed fo r the Kathleen Fidler Award, for the best new children’s novelist. Annawrites in many genres, but loves to make Bible stories and traditional folklore more accessible for children. She has an MA in Creative Writing. Previous careers include being a multi-award winning designer and maker of wooden toys and educational equipment and an Occupational Therapist, specialising in children, psychiatry and learning disabilities. Also, mother of four, grandmother of three – and many decades as a puppeteering Sunday School teacher! More book details can be found on her website: www.a-adeney-childrens-books.com.