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Bible Detective

A Puzzle Search Book

Peter Martin Peter Kent

48 pages
SPCK Group

Bible Detective is the Bible puzzle book all 'Where's Wally?' fans will love. So grab your magnifying glass and become a 'Bible Detectives'.

This picture-search puzzle book will captivate young children and turn them into Bible detectives with 17 creatively illustrated scenes based on events in the Bible. Some scenes give a portrait of everyday life and others highlight key Bible stories, events, themes and personalities.

Children who might struggle with words will find it easy to learn Bible history, events and people with this visually exciting and memorable book that engages and educates all at the same time.

Just like 'Where's Wally?', 'Bible Detectives' is the cure for reluctant readers. Using very few words but rich with elaborate illustrations, this book is the perfect solution to the problem of how to teach your children about the Bible. With its highly detailed find-the-picture puzzles, this is Bible learning with extreme fun.

Searching for something to keep your children occupied in Church? 'Bible Detective' will not only entertain, it will educate your hard to satisfy 7s to 11s and keep them quiet too!

Warning: this book is highly addictive, for children and parents.

Author Bio
Peter Martin (Author)
Peter Martin is an author who has developed a wide knowledge of Biblicalhistory during his many years working in religious education. His yearsas a parent as well as a teacher provide him with the perfect expertiseto reach young readers.

Peter Kent (Illustrator)
Peter Kent has created books for children and adults for almost thirty years. His first book was a historical reference: Fortifications of EastAnglia, which is still in print. Peter's drawn over 12,000 illustrationsfor children's books