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And Man Created God

Is God a human invention?

Robert Banks

160 pages
SPCK Group
This book addresses one of the oldest questions posed to religious believers: if God made everything, who made God? Most recently levelled by the New Atheists, the question was asked in ancient Greece and has preoccupied religious believers in the centuries since. Here, renowned scholar Robert Banks explores the history of the objection - from its earliest vocalization in the ancient world to its most famous opponents, Freud, Marx, and others. Ideal for anyone with a general interest in new atheism, for those studying religion, or wanting to sort out what (if any) elements of their idea of God are man-made.
Author Bio
Robert Banks is an award-winning author. He has held many prestigious posts at the Australian National University and Fuller Theological Seminary, and is now an Associate of the Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.