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Chasing the Cherry Blossom

Lowell Sheppard

256 pages
SPCK Group

In spring 2000 Lowell Sheppard began a seven-week, 2000-mile cycling adventure from the southern tip of Japan to its most northerly island.
His aim: to discover the heart and soul of Japan by following sakura zensen, the cherry blossom front, as it progressed north. Chasing the Cherry Blossom is at once a travel book and a 21st-century spiritual odyssey.

Author Bio
LOWELL SHEPPARD, a Canadian, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and recently completed a Masters dissertation on Japanese youth culture. He is a former Director of British Youth for Christ who since 1995 has worked in Japan for Youth for Christ International. With Gerard Kelly he wrote Miracle in Mostar, and was a columnist for the Christian Herald, as well as writing numerous articles for Christian magazines such as Renewal.