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Armour of God

A Practical and Creative Study

64 pages
SPCK Group

What is it about heroes and anti-heroes that continues to fascinate us? Perhaps it's the unique superpowers that enable them to take on evil and win. Or perhaps it's because they are the guardians of a heroic knowledge that sets them apart from their fellow human beings, even while they operate within the mundane and familiar.

The Armour of God is the Christian super suit! Throughout millennia, Christians have taken the exhortation from Paul's letter to the Ephesians to don God's heroic protection, fight the good fight of faith and take on life's battles prepared.

This book is a practical and creative journal to equip you with concrete steps to put Scripture into practice and to don your own spiritual armour effectively! Explore how you can stand up against the battles of "the evil one", armed with the protective spiritual weaponry that God has provided.

Use this workbook to journal, draw in, rip out and stick where you will see it every day.

It is a practical resource that should help you to confidently wear your armour daily and rediscover God's master plan for your heroic spiritual breakthrough within it.

Author Bio

Martha Shrimpton is an actor-musician and presenter who has worked within the arts for a number of years. She is the Director of Nimbus Collective, which encourages individuals and churches to connect with God in creative ways by producing resources, hosting events and leading training days. She is also the author of Wow! Jesus and Wow! Christmas on our children's list, which are part of the 'Wow!' series, helping children creatively explore stories in the Bible.

Olivia Amartey is Executive Director for the Elim Pentecostal Church having previously worked in senior leadership positions in the NHS. She is also Associate Pastor of Crosspoint Church, a church plant based in north Birmingham, and has a passion for sharing God's word creatively. Much appreciated for her sense of fun, Olivia was a lively contributor to David Wilbourne's well-received York Course, You Can Be Serious! (2023), and the upcoming 2024 York course, The Gift of Christ.