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Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer

The Time-Twisters Series

Laura Borio Fiona Veitch Smith

48 pages
SPCK Group

One ordinary meeting of the science club at Parkview Primary School becomes extraordinary when their teacher takes them back in time to 1843 to meet Christian inventor Charles Babbage. There they learn about his latest invention, the Difference Engine, but they have to be careful – if they’re not back in an hour they’ll be stuck in the nineteenth century forever!

This brilliantly fun graphic novel for 7- to 9-year olds is a fantastic time travel adventure that will keep kids on the edge of their seats. Children will love the memorable characters and colourful artwork from illustrator Laura Borio that brings to life Fiona Veitch Smith’s entertaining story, and the graphic novel format is perfect for kids beginning to explore their own independent reading.

As they follow the journey of the science club, children will learn about the history of the computer and its inventor, Charles Babbage, and about how science and faith go hand in hand. Produced in partnership with the Faraday Institute, it ties in with the National Science Curriculum for Key Stage 2, making it ideal for reading in the classroom as well as at home.

Author Bio

Fiona Veitch Smith is the author of the Young David and Young Joseph series (SPCK) and as well as detective fiction for adults. Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer is her first graphic novel for kids.

Laura Borio is an illustrator based in Italy. She enjoys digital illustration and traditional art and in 2008 attended a comic book course and has been obsessed with the genre ever since. Her illustrations are character-driven and atmospheric and she is always experimenting with new art forms.