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100 Things for your Child to know before Confirmation

160 pages
SPCK Group

Many children today arrive as teenagers at confirmation classes without a basic grasp of key Bible stories and Christian knowledge.

Based on the author's own experience as a pastor and teacher, this book lists 100 essentials of biblical and Christian knowledge that all children should know before they are confirmed. Topics covered include: Bible basics; key Old Testament stories and characters; the 10 commandments; The New Testament; The Gospels; The life and teachings of Jesus; The early Church; worship and sacraments; world religions.

For each item on the list, the author provides a brief description or explanation, followed by suggestions for exploring the subject with children and young people, including at confirmation level.

Author Bio
The Revd Rebecca Kirkpatrick is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church, USA and is currently working with the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo. She served for ten years as Associate Pastor for Education and Youth at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, South Bend, Indiana. She blogs about Christian Education and nurturing the spiritual lives of children at www.breadnotstones.com, where this list first appeared.