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Challenges of Black Pentecostal Leadership in the 21st Century

Phyllis Thompson Phyllis Thompson Phyllis Thompson

96 pages
SPCK Group

A collection of five pictures which address issues and challenges pertinent (but not exclusively so) to the Black Majority Church in the UK.

They sharpen understanding of the way the BMCs have come to do church, and also challenge whether the vision is to maintain the status quo or be a prophetic church.

1. Introductory address by Bishop Joe Aldred
2. Moving beyond maintenance to mission: resisting the bewitchment of colonial Christianity by Dr Robert Beckford
3. Pentecostal Hermeneutics by Revd Ruthlyn Bradshaw
4. Women in Leadership by Dr Elaine Storkey
5. Youth Culture: Friend or Foe? By the Revd Carver Anderson.

Author Bio
Phyllis Thompson is Education Officer for the New Testament Church of God.