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The Journey Home

Spiritual Guidance For Everyday

Nick Aiken

144 pages
SPCK Group
Following Christ is a dynamic venture in faith. God may call his people to step into the unknown, but he travels with them on their way. This collection of daily readings, activities and prayers provides a valuable resource for the journey. Nick Aiken highlights the discoveries and liberating truths which await the traveller. Here are the essentials for survival: learning to let go, how to be spiritually equipped, how to deal with the excess baggage we carry, and how we can embrace our ultimate destination - the place where God's love enfolds and fulfils us. As we move on towards a glorious future, we can also experience God's presence in the strains and stresses of everyday life. Deeply practical and profound, this guidebook addresses the needs of both seasoned Christians and new disciples who have just started out on their journey with Jesus.
Author Bio
Nick Aiken is rector of Wisley with Pyrford. His many books include Being Confirmed, Prayers for Teenagers and, with Alan Elkins, A Book of Blessings, all published by SPCK.