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A Preaching Workbook

David Day

160 pages
SPCK Group

This is a book for all preachers (of any denomination), be they ordained, readers, students preparing for a preaching ministry, or lay people called on to deliver a sermon from time to time.

In his introduction, David Day describes the ambivalence in churches about preaching. He goes on to help preachers construct and deliver addresses that draw the practice closer to the high theology we hold of the sermon as the ‘word of God’. The author believes that the best and most effective preaching is biblical, and several chapters focus on how to draw our message authentically from scripture. He also gives plenty of practical help on the craft of preaching. And in doing so, he is courageous enough to expose some of his own sermons as examples of good or (occasionally) bad practice, as well as sermons from fifty or so preachers who are equally brave in offering their own efforts.

‘David Day is a superb communicator. His style is economical, vivid, subtle and clear, and he uses those gifts to help others discover their own voice.’

‘This is perhaps the best book I have ever been asked to review. It is practical, packed with relevant exercises, clear, non-technical and often very funny.
The Reader

Author Bio
David Day ========= Formerly Principal of St John's College and Cranmer Hall, Durham, David Day has been concerned throughout his career about high quality communication. He is the author of a number of books, including our own bestselling Preaching Workbook, Pearl Beyond Price and Christ our Life, and is currently on the staff of St Nicholas' Church, Durham.