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Brewed For Taste

Beer Labels Around the World

336 pages
Sendpoints Publishing Co Ltd

Home brewers and beer enthusiasts will absolutely love Brewed for Taste: Beer Labels Around the World, released this spring by internationally-renowned design publisher Sendpoints. A full-color celebration of the art and history of designing and making beer labels, the book will inspire beer-makers of all levels wanting creative ideas for labeling and branding their work, and is a fascinating look at the many themes and great brewery designs around the world today.

The first part of the book reviews humanity's first attempts at the labeling of brews, followed by chapters covering all the themes of beer labels imaginable, with a range of examples: labels by shapes, beer-themed labels, scenery-based labels, character-themed labels, activity- and artwork-themed, typographic labels, and more. The middle of the book features a 10-panel 2-sided foldout, with a complete "Beer Timeline" that includes a cultural history of beer and world map. Finishing up the book are 50 profiles of great beer label designs and the breweries and beers they're part of, from countries and brewing traditions around the globe, including award-winners like Terrapin, Saint Arnold Brewing, and Unlawful Assembly in the United States.

Author Bio
SendPoints is a China-based publisher of design books and magazines. Representing traditional and cutting edge designs from around the world, their publications range across art and culture, graphic and product design, fashion, exhibition, interior design and architecture.