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224 pages
Sendpoints Publishing Co Ltd
In the field of graphic design, Japanese graphics has established its unique reputation around the world. This book sorts out the development of Japanese graphics into three stages: postwar 40 years, golden 10 year and 21th century to current. Along the way, briefly talk about Japanese aesthetics, Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese traditional painting and manga in order to explore the cultural roots of Japanese graphics. A large quantity of graphic works by Japanese designers are displayed under four categories: Logo, Poster & Book, Branding and Packaging. To deepen the understanding of Japanese graphics and its development, this book features articles written by renowned designers, including Masaaki Hiromura, Daigo Daikoku, Eisuke Tachikawa, Masaomi Fujita, Eriko Kawakami and Ren Takaya.
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SendPoints is a China-based publisher of design books and magazines. Representing traditional and cutting edge designs from around the world, their publications range across art and culture, graphic and product design, fashion, exhibition, interior design and architecture.