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128 pages
Sendpoints Publishing Co Ltd
Graphic Novel Series, published by SendPoints, is a collection of original inspirations by cartoonists and illustrators from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. Following on from Basic Art, this series creates a distinct artistic expression and reading experience of the graphic novel with strong visual impact and a variety of styles. It re-explains the definition of "art collection" through "image," presenting a collection that is more artistic than comic and more vivid than the novel. Salvador Dalí was a famous surrealist artist from Spain known for his technical mastery, deft drafting, and the startling and peculiar visuals in his creations. Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miró were three of Spain's most influential painters of the twentieth century. As a graphic novel, this book provides readers with an introduction to Dalí's life and artistic endeavors. With the familiar theme and vivid drawings, it bridges the gap between the worlds of children and adults.
Author Bio
Myoji is a Korean illustrator and novelist based in France. She is a graduate of the National School of Art and Design in Nancy, France. She has been involved in a number of illustration fairs, including SPIN OFF in Angoulême, Libros Mutantes in Madrid, Tokyo Art Book Fair and Unlimited Edition in Seoul. She primarily focuses on global cultural differences and her mysterious and humourous art style has won her fans all over the world.