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In Situ

George Ranalli, Works & Projects

George Ranalli Michael Sorkin Joseph Giovannini

496 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
In Situ sums up the theoretical position embodied in the work of New York architect George Ranalli. Over the past thirty-two years, George Ranalli has worked on projects in New York, other states in the US, and across the world that have involved large-scale urban design, houses in the landscape, additions, renovations of major landmark buildings and new constructions. George Ranalli is internationally celebrated and published for his work in historic settings, National Register Historic Landmark buildings and settings with rich design and craft traditions. In Situ is his operational strategy in the design of these new buildings and additions to these complexes, providing contemporary and creative structures that also blend in seamlessly with their historic environments.The projects have developed a rich craft and design vocabulary, which links this work to the origins and roots of the longer craft tradition in design and architecture.