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Dialogues in Space

Wendell Burnette Architects

Tod Williams Billie Tsien Robert McCarter

608 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Dialogues in Space: Process and Ideas in the Work of Wendell Burnette Architects is the first multi-project monograph on this American architect’s selective body of work. The title alludes to the architect’s view that architecture is a constructed conversation between people, things, and time. Six singular projects from the architect’s oeuvre are presented in-depth through the architect’s own words, drawings, and photography. Also included is a comprehensive essay by the celebrated architectural writer/critic Robert McCarter entitled “Crafting Space: Composition and Construction in the Architecture of Wendell Burnette” that examines the “thinking and making” process behind the built and unbuilt work across fifteen years of practice. The different typologies of the work explores authentic human experience through provocative spatial constructions – public and private in diverse locales – that attempt to promote an expansive dialogue with our places, our environment, our communities, ourselves, and our time. Through extensive research into the “art of building” – the specific city of place and locally appropriate construction systems, materials, craft, and their infinite capacity to transcend mere construction – the work strives toward an architecture that is at once functional and poetic.