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The Guidelines on Resort Design

Ariel Yu

256 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
The worldwide traveling fever propelled the boom of resorts. The popular resorts attribute their success to the excellent and expressed architectural and interior design. Before designing an attractive resort, architects and interior designers should know about the basic knowledge and requirements on resort design. The book, through 5 parts of master planning, environment design, architectural design, swimming pool design and interior design, concludes the basic design elements for resort design and presents 20 amazing projects. It gives the reader the guides both from theory and practice.
Author Bio
Ariel Yu, graduated from Liaoning University as a postgraduate, had become an editor in DESIGN MEDIA PUBLISHING LIMITED (DMP) in 2010 and has been mainly dedicated to books about Hotels and Resorts. The published and the forthcoming books she’d edited include Icons: A Galaxy of World Brand Hotels, Hotels: Between the Lines, Contemporary Architecture in China—Hotel & Club.