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Unique Gardens

Sophie Barbaux

320 pages
Design Media Publishing Ltd
The book collects 70 unique gardens across the world. With unconventional landscaping and gardening approaches, these projects present unexpected, trend-setting green spaces in a refreshing way. Some of them were created by landscape architects or artists, some by creative homeowners themselves. You would find inspiring imagination and sentiments incorporated in the gardens.
Author Bio
As a landscape architect who is passionate about contemporary visual arts and live performance, in which fields she previously worked, Sophie Barbaux’s writing and garden projects naturally converge at the crossroads of several disciplines and echo our collective memories. Her work is the fruit of unusual and varied encounters with singular people, inspiring her to mix and mingle what she has gleaned to create other realities, other landscapes, echoes and places to experiment, all respecting the environmental concerns of our times.She is also the author of several books: “Creative Gardens,” 2008, “Ecology, Source of Creation,” 2010, and “Urban Furniture for a New City Life,” 2010, Editions ICI Interface.