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Experiential Design for a Changing World: Premium Edition

Darlene Smyth Lyndon Neri Oscar Riera Ojeda

392 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Experiential Design for a Changing World is the first major monograph for this multidisciplinary design practice, WOW. The title alludes to two key aspects of their practice: first, the focus on multi-sensory experiences; and second, the complexity and dynamism of working in a rapidly developing region. These themes are explored through in-depth presentation of twelve completed projects, including six private homes and six hotels. In addition to rich photography, drawings, and in-progress sketches, the book will offer behind-the-scenes peeks into the construction of the projects in various stages. Also featured is an in-depth interview with the two founding partners of the WOW, Maria Warner Wong and Wong Chiu Man, as well as essays by several prominent architects, interior designers and engineers. Wong and Man discuss the challenges and opportunities of working in a diverse and highly-evolving region, from the developing regions of India and Africa to the more advanced urban context of Singapore and Dubai. Regardless of the economic context and locally available construction methods, the mission for each and every project is to create a rich spatial experience that is rooted in the culture, memory, and place.