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Women and Temporality in Literature and Cinema

Negotiating with Timelessness

Ila Ahlawat

140 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Women and Temporality in Literature and Cinema delves into the subject of literary and cinematic women characters entrapped in temporal spaces and their peculiar communication with visibility, enclosure, space, and time in the context of sexual and temporal discord. It explores subjects such as youth, ageing, remembering, forgetting, and repeating within the larger realm of gendered temporalities that are essentially nuanced and affective experiences. Throughout, this book seeks to locate and spell out the damaging as well as the healing effects of temporality upon women’s consciousness.
Author Bio
Dr Ila Ahlawat has been teaching university courses in English and Gender Studies for over five years. She currently teaches in the School of Social Communication at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. She is most fond of remembering and most terrified of forgetting.