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Motivation – Mechanisms of the Mind and their Quest for Expression

Introduction to a Study on a Theoretical Model of the Process of Motivation

486 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This Volume presents a first introduction to a thought-provoking Model of Motivation developed by Menno Mennes over a period of almost thirty years. The Model of Motivation in its approach presents a radical departure from everything that has appeared so far in literature on the subject.

And yet, it provides a surprisingly detailed account of how motivation works, which appears to be supported by findings from theories and research from current literature. In an unparalleled analysis, the Model seamlessly integrates these major theories into a consistent comprehensive approach to motivation, explaining not only the essentials of each theory, but also providing explanations for controversies that have hitherto remained largely unresolved.

Motivation appears to be an 'inner dialogue', a stepwise, partly cyclical Process in which we deal with our surroundings that often interfere in our ambitions, our wishes and desires. Deep personal insights into those ‘Mechanisms of the Mind’ reveal implications that may lead to a fundamental, new understanding of the origins of many disturbing issues we witness in present-day society, including neglect and denial, intolerance, discord and polarization.
Author Bio
Dr. Menno A. Mennes first revealed the fundamentals of his Model of Motivation in his dissertation published in 2016. He graduated cum laude at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in clinical psychology. After several years in education, he spent most of his career doing research on motivation in Europe, the US and Asia. Until his recent retirement, he was program director at the Honours Academy of Leiden University, The Netherlands. Details of his findings appear in the Series on Motivation, at Amsterdam University Press.