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Game Production Studies

Olli Sotamaa Jan Svelch David Nieborg Vinciane Zabban Mia Consalvo Hanna Wirman Pierson Browne Brian Schram Jaroslav Švelch Andrew Phelps

356 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Video games have entered the cultural mainstream and now rival established forms of entertainment such as film or television in terms of economic profits. As careers in video game development become more common, so do the stories about precarious working conditions and structural inequalities within the industry. In Game Production Studies, an international group of researchers takes a closer look at the everyday realities of video game production, ranging from commercial studios to independent creators. Across sixteen chapters, the authors deal with issues related to labour, production routines, or monetization, as well as local specificities. As the first edited collection dedicated solely to video game production, this volume provides a timely resource for anyone interested in how games are made and at what cost.
Author Bio
Olli Sotamaa is an associate professor of game cultures studies at Tampere University, Finland. Jan Svelch is a researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, Czechia.