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An Introduction

Cock Dieleman Ricarda Franzen Veronika Zangl Henk Danner

190 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The image of the dramaturg resembling a stuffy librarian, as opposed to the largely intuitive process of theatre making, belongs to the past. Contemporary theatre performances not only tell a story, but constantly reflect on the world in which that story takes place and is shown. As a result, dramaturgy has become part of the artistic process. Thus everybody involved in a theatre production is concerned with dramaturgical thinking, i.e. how to relate to material, process, audience and society. The dramaturg crosses borders between theory and practice, between theatre makers, performance and audience.

'Dramaturgy. An Introduction' provides a broad overview of the concept of dramaturgy and the profession of the dramaturg. It is intended for students and teachers of theatre and performance studies, but also for directors, scenographers, actors and for all lovers of theatre.
Author Bio
Cock Dieleman is Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) Theatre Studies (BA and MA) and International Dramaturgy (MA), University of Amsterdam. His specializations are theatre education, youth theatre, dramaturgy and contemporary Dutch theatre. In addition to his professorship he was head of the education department of Het Zuidelijk Toneel and ZT Hollandia. Ricarda Franzen teaches dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam, as well as at the art academy ArtEZ in Arnhem. She studied Rhetoric in Tübingen, Germany, before studying Dramaturgy in Amsterdam. In her research, she works on sound in theatre and in archives. As a dramaturg, she has frequently worked on radio dramas. Veronika Zangl is Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Amsterdam. Her research interests encompass dramaturgy, performance analysis, (theatrical) representation of the Holocaust and Humour Studies. In recent years, she has published a number of articles and anthologies in these fields of research. Henk Danner studied Dutch Literature at the University of Nijmegen and Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Danner works as Lecturer in dramaturgy, scenography and theatre practice at the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Amsterdam, and as guest lecturer at several art colleges in the Netherlands. In addition, he works as a lighting designer in theatre and dance.