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Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia

Endless Spots

Duncan McDuie-Ra

210 pages
Amsterdam University Press
As urban development in Asia has accelerated, cities in the region have become central to skateboarding culture, livelihoods, and consumption. Asia's urban landscapes are desired for their endless supply of 'spots'. Spots are not built for skateboarding; they are accidents of urban planning and commercial activity; glitches in the urban machine. Skateboarders and filmers chase these spots to make skate video, skateboarding's primary cultural artefact. Once captured, skate video circulates rapidly through digital platforms to millions of viewers, enrolling spots from Shenzhen to Ramallah into an alternative cartography of Asia. This book explores this way of desiring and consuming urban Asia, and the implications for relational and comparative hierarchies of urban development.
Author Bio
Duncan McDuie-Ra is professor of Urban Sociology at University of Newcastle, Australia. His most recent sole-authored books are Borderland City in New India (2016), Debating Race in Contemporary India (2015), and Northeast Migrants in Delhi: Race, Refuge and Retail (2012).