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Principles of International Auditing and Assurance

4th Edition

Rick Hayes Philip Wallage Peter Eimers

696 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The first textbook based upon International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), this fully revised and updated fourth edition presents a structured approach to auditing principles using ISAs as its basis. The International Standards on Auditing are now widely regarded as the global benchmark for auditing standards and as such an important audit quality indicator.

This book describes the developments and practical use of all ISAs, as well as significant national standards in different countries. The new edition has been updated in line with International Standards and presents a truly International perspective. The book provides students with a real-world perspective as close to current auditing practice and thinking as possible.

Key features:
-Structure of the book following the four phases of the audit process -Coverage of the latest auditing insights including technology and automated tools & techniques (data analytics) -Updates of the most recent auditing & assurance standards, including ISA 315 and 540 -Highlighting the broader range of assurance engagements -Practice exam-style questions with end-of-chapter answers
Author Bio
Rick Hayes, Ph.D., CPA, Professor Emeritus at California State University, Los Angeles, and author of numerous books on Accounting and Finance. Philip Wallage, Ph.D., RA, Professor of Auditing at the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and former KPMG partner. Peter Eimers, Ph.D., RA, Professor of Auditing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and partner at EY.