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The Franciscan Order in the Medieval English Province and Beyond

Michael Robson Patrick Zutshi Jens Rohrkasten Joseph Canning Peta Dunstan Cecilia Panti Bert Roest Christian Steer

296 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Commemorating John Moorman's immense contribution to Franciscan history across five decades, the essays in this collection reflect upon Moorman's diverse writings on biography, hagiography, history, art, and prosopography. Contributors draw upon Moorman's diaries and his materials for a biographical register of the Franciscans in medieval England. The volume is in tune with recent developments in Franciscan history in general, with a special interest in the English province. This is exemplified by studies on Franciscan iconography; the English province's impact of the wider order; the scholastic enterprise; prosopography; economy; sermons; the application of Canon Law to the debates at the papal court; and the evolution of John Moorman's studies on St Francis and his followers.
Author Bio
Michael Robson is a Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge. Patrick Zutshi is a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.