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Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153)

The First Cistercian Pope

Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt Jotischky Anne Duggan Brenda Bolton Pascal Montaubin Christoph Egger Stuart Morgan Clare Oglesby Emilia Jamroziak Jonathan Phillips

362 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Elected pope in the wake of a rebellion, Eugenius III came to power as a relative unknown during a time of crisis. This book examines the controversial developments in papal justice and theological debate during his pontificate, his treatment of Cistercian monasteries, his relationships with France, Spain, and Rome, his work in the papal states, and the crusades. It offers a new view of an under-appreciated pope and the place of the church in a rapidly changing European society.
Author Bio
Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt is professor (mso) of medieval history at Aalborg University. Andrew Jotischky is professor of medieval history at Royal Holloway University of London.