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Environmental Movements of India

Chipko, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Navdanya

Krishna Mallick

190 pages
Amsterdam University Press
In her detailed retelling of three iconic movements in India, Professor Emerita Krishna Mallick, PhD, gives hope to grassroots activists working toward environmental justice. Each movement deals with a different crisis and affected population: Chipko, famed for tree-hugging women in the Himalayan forest; Narmada, for villagers displaced by a massive dam; and Navdanya, for hundreds of thousands of farmers whose livelihoods were lost to a compact made by the Indian government and neoliberal purveyors of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Relentlessly researched, Environmental Movements of India: Chipko, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Navdanya presents these movements in a framework that explores Hindu Vedic wisdom, as well as Development Ethics, Global Environment Ethics, Feminist Care Ethics, and the Capability Approach. At a moment when the climate threatens populations who live closest to nature – and depend upon its fodder for heat, its water for life, and its seeds for food – Mallick shows how nonviolent action can give poor people an effective voice.
Author Bio
Krishna Mallick is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Salem State University. She has co-edited two books along with Dr. Doris Hunter: An Anthology of Nonviolence: Historical and Contemporary Voices (Greenwood Press, 2002) and Nonviolence: A Reader in the Ethics of Action (University Press of America and Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1990). She has also published several articles on environmental issues in India. Her research interests are in the interdisciplinary area of philosophy, women’s studies, peace studies, and environmental studies.