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Re:Thinking Europe

Thoughts on Europe: Past, Present and Future

Yoeri Albrecht Segers Krabbe Mathieu Segers

318 pages
Amsterdam University Press
What is Europe? This question is ever more pressing, as present day Europe wallows in crisis - its deepest since the process of European integration took off in the 1950s. The current state of affairs sets the stage for this book. It brings together leading international thinkers and scholars of different generations in a feverish quest to better understand Europe's present state.

In their essays these authors engage in the paradoxes and puzzles of European identity and culture. They present new answers to the eternal question regarding 'the essence of Europe'.

An anthology of influential texts from the making of present-day Europe completes the book as a very European exercise in thinking and re-thinking Europa, its culture, history and present.
Author Bio
Yoeri Albrecht is the director of De Balie in Amsterdam. He is also the president of Vereniging Veronica, owner of (among others) the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau and co-initiator of the "European Press Prize". Mathieu Segers (1976) is Professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration at Maastricht University.