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Dutch National Research Agenda in Perspective

A Reflection on Research and Science Policy in Practice

Beatrice de Graaf Alexander Rinnooy Kan Henk Molenaar José Dijck Wim Haas Daan Andriessen Marieke Schuurmans Coenraad Krijger Maarten Prak Barend Meulen

240 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The Dutch National Research Agenda is a set of national priorities that are set by scientists working in conjunction with corporations, civil society organisations, and interested citizens. The agenda consolidates the questions that scientific research will be focused on in the coming year. This book covers the current status of the Dutch National Research Agenda and considers what changes and adjustments may need to be made to the process in order to keep Dutch national research at the top of the pack.
Author Bio
Beatrice de Graaf holds one of the Chairs of the Dutch National Research Agenda. She holds the Chair of History of International Relations & Global Governance at Utrecht University, within the strategic theme Institutions (since February 2014). Alexander Rinnooy Kan holds one of the Chairs of the Dutch National Research Agenda. He is University Professor of Economics and Business Studies at the University of Amsterdam and has been a member of the Senate on behalf of Democrats 66 (D66). Henk Molenaar is the secretary of the National Science Agenda and coordinator of the secretariat.