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Global Diffusion of Protest

Riding the Protest Wave in the Neoliberal Crisis

Donatella della Porta Kivanc Atak Mariana S. Mendes Juan Masullo Francis O’Connor Julia Rone Chiara Milan Daniel P. Ritter

264 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Recent years have seen a new development in the growth and spread of popular protest: protests that began as local, homogeneous events-such as Occupy Wall Street or the protests of the Arab Spring-quickly left their original locations and local specificity behind and became global. This book looks at the development of this wave of protests, with an eye on protests against austerity and neoliberal economic policies, and offers a global view, covering events in Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and other locations.
Author Bio
Donatella della Porta is professor of sociology at the Scuola Normale Superiore, where she directs the Centre on Social Movement Studies.