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Jam Cultures

About inclusion; joining in the action, conversation and decisions

Jitske Kramer

256 pages
Management Impact Publishing

Inclusion is about participating. About establishing essential relations with strangers. About diversity, about cocreation. We need these elements because we are living and working together with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This makes inclusion, handling power and differences well, one of the greatest challenges of our times.

Collaborations clash because of different organizational cultures, conflicts are created because we don't understand each other. People are excluded because of their color, religion, age, or sexual orientation. Inclusion is a hot topic, and it discusses who decides on what, who should adapt to whom, about what we consider 'normal' and what not. About who can join in and especially about who cannot.

We need an energetic language to debate the issues, that doesn't spark immediate conflicts. This language can be found in Jam Cultures, you will learn to look at inclusion like a jam session in which you meet each other, and everyone dares to share their personal sound, reaching a better result in constant tuning into each other.

Author Bio
Jitske Kramer is co-author of The Corporate Tribe which won the Management Book of the Year Award in 2016, and is published in English, German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Dutch. She is an expert in the fields of diversity, international teamwork and corporate culture. As a trained ethnographer, she did research in Botswana and Uganda before becoming an organizational consultant. She is the author of Deep Democracy, Managing Cultural Dynamics and Wow! What a Difference.