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Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriages

160 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

This new edition presents obstetricians and trainees with the most recent developments and research associated with recurrent spontaneous miscarriages.

Beginning with an overview, the next chapter covers ultrasonographic features of foetal demise. The following sections discuss different causes of recurrent miscarriage – anatomical, immunological, genetic, endocrinal, endometriosis, and infections.

The book explains aspects of obstetric vasculopathies and includes frequently asked questions on the use of heparin, progesterone, HCG, and other supplements. A complete chapter is dedicated to the psychological effects of recurrent spontaneous miscarriages.

The third edition features new topics, clinical images and extensive references.

Key points

  • Fully revised, third edition presenting latest information on recurrent spontaneous miscarriages
  • Covers many different causes of recurrent miscarriage
  • Includes FAQs on use of supplements
  • Previous edition (9789351521778) published in 2014
Author Bio

Consultant and Specialist of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Janani Maternity Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat, India