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World Clinics: Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain - Pediatric Anesthesia-I, Volume 2, Number 2

Dwarkadas K Baheti H Snehalata Dhayagude K Jayant Deshpande Menon Ramesh

190 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd

World Clinics: Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain - Pediatric Anesthesia-I, Volume 1, Number 2 presents evidence-based reviews of each topic, focused on providing an up to date understanding of the subject.

This book begins with a discussion on the preoperative evaluation of the paediatric patient and is followed by detailed discussion on postoperative management. Discussion on airway management in children provides invaluable insights for the anaesthetist.

Adequate pain relief is an important aspect of perioperative patient care and is discussed in detail. Articles by internationally renowned contributors, well known for their clinical and research expertise, make this an essential resource for physicians, anaesthetists, paediatricians, internists, students and teachers.

This book is the first of two issues in the World Clinics: Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain series, covering the subject of paediatric anaesthesia.

Key Points

  • International editorial team, consisting of experts from the US, New Zealand and India
  • Part of the World Clinics: Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain series
  • Other topics in the series include pain management and analgesia and anaesthesia in labour and delivery
Author Bio

Dwarkadas K Baheti MD
Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Snehalata H Dhayagude DA FRCA (Eng)
Consultant Paediatric Anaesthesiologist, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Maharashtra, India

Jayant K Deshpande MD MPH
Director, Jonathan Bates MD Centre for Improving Children’s Health, Associate Medical Director, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Professor of Paediatrics & Anaesthesiology UAMS, Children’s way, USA

Ramesh Menon
Department of Anaesthesia, Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand