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Remediating McLuhan

Richard Cavell

202 pages
Amsterdam University Press
While current scholarly interest has assured Marshall McLuhan's (1911-80) foundational status as a media theorist, much room still exists for further exploration of his writings, which have taken on additional layers of significance in our contemporary digital moment. Holding that media were extensions of the human, McLuhan also posited that the human was a product of technology. Ranging across fields as diverse as art history, biotechnology, and beyond, this collection of essays considers McLuhan's ground-breaking approach within a number of new contexts and explores the distinguishing features of his media theory.
Author Bio
Richard Cavell is Professor of English and co-founder of the Bachelor in Media Studies Program at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of McLuhan in Space: A Cultural Geography (2002), the curator of the website spectresofmcluhan.arts.ubc.ca, and author of the critical performance piece Marinetti Dines with the High Command (2014).