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Asian Cities: Colonial to Global

Gregory Bracken Thomas Daniell Cesar Ducruet Senia Febrica Elmo Gonzaga Max Hirsh Faye Kleeman Kah-Wee Lee Wilson Wai Lee William Logan

376 pages
Amsterdam University Press
When people look at success stories among postcolonial nations, the focus almost always turns to Asia, where many cities in former colonies have become key locations of international commerce and culture. This book brings together a stellar group of scholars from a number of disciplines to explore the rise of Asian cities, including Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, and more. Dealing with history, geography, culture, architecture, urbanism, and other topics, the book attempts to formulate a new understanding of what makes Asian cities such global leaders.
Author Bio
Gregory Bracken is an Assistant Professor of Spatial Planning and Strategy at TU Delft and one of the co-founders of Footprint, the e-journal dedicated to architecture theory. From 2009-2015 he was a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) Leiden.